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Hilton's centralized travel agency commission program is designed to efficiently track and pay your commissions on behalf of Hilton properties. Hilton only pays bona fide Hilton-accredited agencies that are registered with a Hilton-accredited organization such as IATA or TIDS.  Other acceptable associations are ARC, TSI, CLIA, ERSP, SATO, and TRUE.  Agents must add or quote their membership number when booking. Currently, more than 99% of our hotels participate in the centralized travel agency commission program. Hilton utilizes the services of TACS for the disbursement of funds and the management of inquiries. This combination of technology and centralized processing is unmatched in the hospitality industry.

Program features

  • Consolidated weekly commission payments
  • Detailed reconciliation reports
  • Commissions received in your own currency
  • Commission payment direct deposit - where available
  • Customer support for unpaid commission inquiries
  • Online access to transaction detail and payment data

Hilton’s 3% processing fee (10% commission – 3% processing fee = 9.7% commission) supports all of the program features and allows Hilton to offer the best possible service to our travel agents.


Commission References 

Commissions Policy

Your commission payments are processed centrally and distributed once a week in your local currency, unless requested otherwise. Commission inquiries must be submitted within 12 months of guest departure.

All brands have a standard rule of operations regarding travel agency commissions, and each hotel will pay up to 10% commission on all general public and other commissionable rates. Commission percentages may vary in some countries due to taxation and commission policies within the country.

US/MEX/CAN - Room Revenue only @ 10%

  • Room Revenue + Packages + VAT (inclusive) @ 8% OR
  • Room Revenue + Packages (exclusive of VAT) @ 10% OR
  • Room Revenue + Packages (exclusive of VAT) @ 10% - withholding taxes

General public and other commissionable rates include:

  • TMC/Consortia Parity Rates
  • Best Available Rates
  • AARP Rates
  • AAA Rates

For inquiries or questions related to commissions, contact TACS Customer Service.

Telephone:   +1-703-480-6916
US & Canada: (800) 873-1215


Instructions for TMC/Consortia Advisors booking through the Portal

Booking step 1

Step 1: Click the “Book” button.

Booking step 2

Step 2: Enter the destination and dates and click “Check Rates”.

Booking step 3

Step 3: Once you decide which hotel you wish to search rates for click “View Rates”.

Booking step 4

Step 4: If you have a Corporate Account code, click on the “Special Rates” box. No Corporate Account code? Proceed to Step 6.

Booking step 5

Step 5: Enter your Corporate Account code in the “Corporate Account” field and Click “Update”.

Booking step 6

Step 6: Here you can view and select what room types and rates are available. Once you decide on the room type and rate click “Quick Book”.

Booking step 7

Step 7: Enter all the Guest Information and Payment details. In the “Travel Agent” section you will enter your Travel Agent # (ARC, CLIA, IATA, SATO, TIDS, TRUE, TS, TSI).

Booking step 8

Step 8: Once you have entered in all the booking details click “Book Reservation” to complete the reservation.

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